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In its typical application, the HStripTM is mounted below the waterline and directly below a SiedarcTM electrode, and connected to a loop conductor surrounding the boat at about deck level, as shown in this photo of a recent installation on an Outbound 46.  The GapConTM air gap can be added to isolate the grounding strip to minimize galvanic currents, and two HStrips can be installed end-to-end connected by the HStripConTM to provide one square foot contact surface at one location.





HStripTM   0.5 ft2 immersed grounding strip


HStripTM with bolt connections

Description 0.5 ft2 tinned copper grounding strip for immersed water terminal with standard bolt connections. Two heavy duty tinned copper lugs are included.  Dimensions are 3/16"x2"x 36".  Estimated DC resistance in salt water is 0.29 ohms.  Note that a square 1 ft2 plate in salt water has a ground resistance of 0.36 ohms.

Use & installation  The HStripTM is supplied with two round-head tinned brass screw through bolts for attachment and electrical connection. The round head on each bolt increases attachment security.   Electrical connection point is to either or both of the two bolts. 


Two HStrips are recommended to give a total immersed area of one square foot.  Use the HStripConTM below for connecting end-to-end.  A spark gap can be added for galvanic isolation.  See GapConTM below.



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HStripConTM   interconnect two HStrips to get 1 ft2 immersed grounding strip



Description Tinned copper coupling connector for installing two HStrips end-to-end.  The resulting 3/16"x2"x72" strip has an estimated DC resistance in salt water of 0.2 ohms.


Use & installation  Installed inside hull to bridge gap between adjacent connecting bolts of HStrips when placed end-to-end.  Cross sectional area is 80 mm2.



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GapConTM   isolate immersed grounding conductors for galvanic protection



Description Tinned copper connector with integral spark gap for low voltage (<600V) isolation of an HStrip immersed grounding strip.



Use & installation  Connect to HStrip in-line with main conductor using the connection terminal.  May be combined with HStripConTM.


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