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Marine Lightning Protection



We supply all of the components needed in a marine lightning protection system:

Air terminals

These supply the attachment point for the lightning. Each air terminal comprises a UL listed lightning rod mounted either directly to the superstructure or via a ratchet-mount base to allow lowering. The rod is available in low-corrosion aluminum or copper that has been plated with either tin or nickel.

Specifications for our air terminal product line is available from the Air terminals link below. For general information on the implementation of air terminals in a protection system see our Information/Air terminals link in the Main Menu above.


In order to fabricate a conducting grid around the vessel, main-sized conductors and customized connectors interconnect air terminals with the grounding network. A key element is at least one continuous loop around the perimeter. Depending on the composition of metallic fittings such as handrails, topside superstructure and toe rails, either aluminum or tinned copper alloy can be used. Bimetallic connectors form the joints between different metals. Main-sized conductors are available as either cable or strip. All connectors meet or exceed the specifications in NFPA780-2008.

Grounding strips

Our 0.5 ft2 HStrip TM is used wherever immersed grounds are needed. These can be daisy-chained together to provide any area needed and isolated from other immersed fittings such as propellers and through-hulls with our GapCon TM air-gap connector

Specifications for our product line is available from the Grounding strips link below. For a technical explanation of the physical concepts information used in our grounding systems, see our Information/Grounding Concepts link in the Main Menu above.

Siedarc TM electrodes

A key component in any lightning grounding system, the patented Siedarc TM electrode has the same purpose as a ground rod in a building system - to provide multiple paths from the bottom of the system to ground (or water). Since the charge neutralized by the lightning resides on the surface of the water, these are preferentially placed just above the waterline. They are available in three types of through-hull fitting - Marelon flush and mushroom head, and stainless mushroom head - with connections either via integrated parallel or perpendicular or external ECon or daisy-chain connection.

Specifications for our product line is available from the Siedarc electrodes link below. Guidelines for utilization of Siedarc TM electrodes in a grounding system are available from the Information/Grounding Guide link in the Main Menu above.

Prices & ordering

For prices, availability, part numbers and ordering information, see the Prices link below.


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